The Overlay Layout Ideas app will change your perception on what a photo app can do.
We are not just here to provide layout ideas that kickstart your creativity ;
We are here to push the limits of design/editing apps, so that
designing on a mobile device is simpler for you.

All-in-one Editor

Add images, filters, texts & shapes to your design. Save in square, portrait & landscape sizes. Share directly to Instagram, Facebook & more.

Save Your Work!

Save your Designs as editable saved files. Edit them again anytime you want, without having to redo what you did! More freedom & better creativity for designing on-the-go!

Nifty Layer Functions

Hassle-free design experience with useful functions like "Lock" Layer to keep elements in position, "Multi-Select"/"Select All" to move multiple items at once, and more!

Unique Text Editing

Tired of adding a new Text Box each time you want a different Font/Color/Size? Now it is possible to have them all in ONE SINGLE Text Box!

Ready-made Overlays

Not a designer? Get quick inspiration from our fine selection of layout templates shared in the "Gallery" Page. They are all fully-editable & ready to use! FREE sign up for all users.

Your Personalized App

Your Overlay App starts up with a wallpaper that you can set. This means each Overlay app will be different & unique to its owner. Cool uh?


or view a Quick Hyperlapse here


The Overlay App is the quick & easy solution to your design & photo needs.
Designers & non-designers alike will find something they can do with our MULTI-PURPOSE editing app:

Basic Photo Needs
Need to crop, filter or caption your (e.g. Travel, Food, etc) photos? With more than 35 filters, 200+ shapes & 300+ fonts to choose from, this is a fun & all-rounded app for all photo lovers! Posting images directly to Facebook or Instagram is like a breeze as well!
Design Promotional Ads
If you think ad-making is only limited to using computers & complicated tools -- Think again. All examples shown here are designed entirely using our app, which is like a mini design studio that could help save you time & money! Don't believe? Try us!
Make Motivational Images
In love with Typography? Express your thoughts or famous quotes by making a nice Motivational Poster! With 300+ fonts to choose from, you can even quickly customize a Text Box to have multiple fonts, colors & sizes by highlighting the respective characters!
Get Inspiration Ideas!
Need some design ideas? Be inspired by the many cool templates in our Gallery Page where you can browse & use Templates uploaded by us and others in the community. Design & Layout have never been so easy! Unique designs will be FEATURED too!


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